SBS Accomplishments

  • Introducing Acai to the nutritional market in Japan

    We are the first company to introduce Acai to the nutritional food market in Japan. We marketed Acai through multi retail channels including tv shopping, direct marketing, web marketing, and drug stores etc.

  • Success in marketing "Patented Fish oil"

    We were able to make a partner with an omega-3 fish oil (proprietary and patented) supplier and produced many long run best selling products using the fish oil.

  • Producing No.1 selling product in Rakuten Market

    Rakuten is one of the biggest web shopping mall in Japan. We were able to support making the weekly No.1 selling nutritional supplement in the Rakuten Market.

  • A product with an annual sale of more than 10 million yen.

    One of the product we helped to produce sold 30 million capsules annually. This is an example of our small but spicy job.

  • Developing an original product with doctors (practitioners)

    We have an experience in developing nutritional supplements for a practitioner channel.