100 Years Vision

Small But Spicy is bringing smiles to people all over the world by
prevention of mind and physical illness.

3 Years Goal

Small But Spicy is bringing smiles to 3% of people in Japan (3 million),
1% of people in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan
including visitors from China and Korea. (1.1 million)


We believe in making people (member, member’s family,
clients, partners and consumer) happy with business.

We believe in open communication, mutual trust, mutually beneficial and professional relationship.

Our 5 Keywords are:


Small But Spicy Name

Small But Spicy name comes from Japanese saying which means
“Japanese Pepper is spicy even for small grains.”

Small but Unique, Creative and have Presence.

We strive in becoming the team who create and deliver unique
and innovative solutions for the people in health care needs.